Oran Park Town

This innovative venture brought together the passionate landowner, Greenfields Development Company, and Landcom to deliver something special on some 380 hectares located in south west Sydney.

Initiated in 2003, this partnership was the starting point for Landcom’s approach to delivery through partnerships on greenfield projects. It also kicked off significant change in the south west of Sydney, with multi-award winning communities serviced by a new town centre, called Oran Park Town.

The Oran Park Town masterplan addressed the future community needs for housing and a modern town centre with all the services needed for a growing and flourishing community. The vision was to deliver sustainable living with a focus on lifelong education, high quality infrastructure and amenity, and a walkable neighbourhood with a diverse mix of housing.

Our proposal with Greenfield Development Company created the largest Voluntary Planning Agreement in NSW at the time, involving over $150 million of infrastructure, public spaces and community facilities for Camden Council. It demonstrates Landcom’s unique role in unlocking major projects and mutually leveraging our trusted relationships with development partners and government. From this unique position we unlock and deliver long term investment and best practice urban outcomes for the people of NSW - places like Oran Park Town.

Oran Park Town will offer many new facilities, and will grow to include 50,000m2 retail floor space and 80,000m2 commercial floor space. These include:

  • Churches;
  • New Primary and High Schools;
  • Council Chambers;
  • Shopping Centre;
  • Regional Library and Resource Centre;
  • Smart Work Hub;
  • 10,000m2 Town Park with lake and wetland;
  • Multiple sporting fields;
  • Connecting cycleways and pedestrian pathways and bridges;
  • Childcare centre;
  • Retirement village; and
  • Integrated Primary Health Care Centre.

The thriving town centre also includes residential apartment buildings and innovative '21st Century Living' terrace houses. Along with compact house lots, standard sized lots and semi-rural lots, Oran Park Town provides diverse and affordable housing options to support a healthier and sustainable community.

Detailed design guidelines ensured the building of quality and sustainable housing and landscaping. Water Sensitive Urban Design included a stormwater quality strategy using combined raingardens and detention basins to improve local riparian corridors.

The site’s heritage and proud associations with motor racing and farming have been interpreted and reflected in the design to create a truly unique sense of place.

Landcom and Greenfields Development Company have supported the growing Oran Park Town community from the beginning with ground-breaking and award-winning programs including the Community Welcome Program started in 2009 and the Monthly Community Markets started in 2014. The Smart Work Hub supports many telecommuters and start-ups and continues to grow.

Residents have told us they feel included, safe and secure, and they have pride for their community. Landcom and Greenfields Development Company have won many awards for this remarkable project including:

  • 2011 UDIA NSW Award for Marketing Excellence;
  • 2013 Planning Institute of Australia NSW President's Award;
  • 2017 Urban Taskforce Development Excellence Award;
  • 2017 UDIA Masterplanned Communities Commendation; and
  • 2018 Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue Project of the Year for Oran Park Library.

There are two final pieces to deliver on the Oran Park Town vision. One is the Youth and Recreation Centre in Julia Reserve which includes a skatepark and kick-around area. The other is the Doohan Reserve sports precinct. When complete this precinct will feature four football fields, ten tennis courts, two club houses and an all-abilities playground. Works for Julia Reserve and Doohan Reserve community facilities commence in the year ahead.

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